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How to raise children who are resistant to bullying

Ann Botash, MDExperts estimate that almost all children, at some point, will experience bullying behavior -- either as a victim, as an observer, or as the bully. Some bullying takes place in real life, but much of it takes place in social media, says pediatrician Ann Botash, MD. She sees so-called cyberbullying as a growing problem and counsels parents to stay involved in their children's lives. Botash talks about how to raise children who are resistant to bullying, things that might put a child at risk for being bullid, and the role of someone who is a witness to bullying. Click here for information and resources on bullying from Upstate's Child Abuse Referral and Evaluation (CARE) Program; click here for more about bullying from Olweus, a national bullying prevention program that Botash also mentions.