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3-D mammography holds promise of better imaging, early breast cancer detection

Ravi Adhikary, MD and Jennifer Caldwell

A 3-D mammogram – similar to a CT scan – is becoming the new standard in breast cancer screening, experts at Upstate say. Multiple images from various angles can allow a better view into a breast, especially a dense breast, than traditional two-dimensional mammograms, say radiologist Ravi Adhikary, MD, director of the women‘s imaging section, and Jennifer Caldwell, director of radiology. While 3-D mammograms are done in addition to 2-D now, in the future, just the 3-D version -- with a 2-D version reconstructed from it -- will likely be used. This will reduce radiation exposure and discomfort, should reduce false positives and, it is hoped, increase early detection of breast cancer, Adhikary says.