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New stroke team neurosurgeon offers open as well as minimally invasive surgical options

Grahame Gould, MDThe surgical option for patients suffering from stroke used to be limited to traditional open surgery. Advances in radiology have made it possible for specially trained neurosurgeons, called endovascular neurosurgeons, to make repairs from within blood vessels using catheters and guide wires. "With the advent of interventional radiology techniques, we're finding more ways to get to places that were hard to get to with surgery, and we can get to them very quickly, which is critical for treating a patient who might be having a stroke," says Grahame Gould, MD, one of the members of the stroke team at Upstate University Hospital. He goes on to say that he is glad to be able to offer both approaches, since minimally invasive procedures are not necessarily the best option for all patients with neurovascular diseases, including stroke.