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Trauma nurses caution teens about safe driving

Trauma Team Nursing Staff

Nursing staff from Upstate's Trauma Team.

Teen drivers are nearly twice as likely as other motorists to be involved in a fatal car wreck. Even though they have quicker reflexes than older drivers, teens are inexperienced behind the wheel. In addition, they may be driving distracted, said Kimberly Nasby, RN, trauma injury prevention coordinator, and Jerome Morrison, RN, trauma outreach and education coordinator. They said 60 percent of teens involved in driving accidents are found to be distracted, often by music playlists or texting features on cell phones. Nasby, Morrison and their colleagues team up for a 1¼-hour program called “Let‘s Not Meet by Accident” offered to high school students throughout the Central New York region. The program illustrates the role of distractions, alcohol and seat belts in auto accidents.