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IMT Information Security

keep it secure

Our information is a critical asset, therefore it must always be protected from unauthorized access, modification, destruction, and disclosure.

The Information Security department of IMT is responsible for providing a secure technology infrastructure to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information on SUNY Upstate systems. To ensure our systems are properly secure, it is our department's responsibility to communicate the importance of security to protect our information.

As an employee, faculty member, student, or volunteer at SUNY Upstate, you will be granted access to several information systems for administrative, financial, and/or patient care in fulfilling the responsibilities of your position. You are responsible to become familiar with Upstate's security policies and practice for protecting our information and to be aware of the security threats and vulnerabilities associated with access to this information. This web site has been developed to provide you with the tools and resources needed to assist with you understanding of information security concepts and provide details on the various ways to secure and protect information.

Establishing a secure computing environment with good security practices is the easiest way to protect against potential issues that could result in serious consequences for you, your co-workers, and our patients. Let's all work together to "Keep It Secure!"