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IMT Departments & Groups

Administrative Information Systems

Provides programming and technical support services for the University's administrative departments. Supported are various accounting, business, human resource, parking, payroll, physical plant and student affairs functions. The department collaborates with campus users in the development of systems for accessing our administrative databases. This department also develops and supports interfaces to the systems provided by SUNY's Central Administration.

  • Decision Support Systems

    Provides hospital departments with the tools, technology, and applications to access clinical, financial, and administrative information on a timely basis. The development of an enterprise data repository makes information available to support the hospital's critical planning, management, and decision-making activities. Decision Support programmers and analysts assist departmental users in determining the information necessary to satisfy specific business requirements and reporting needs.

Ambulatory Systems

Provides application implementation and support services for UMAS and Hospital Ambulatory Services. Our primary role is implementation and support for the Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management applications. The Ambulatory Systems staff works collaboratively with providers, managers, and operational staff to assist them in the use of Ambulatory Applications.

Clinical Data Services

Responsible for the management of information contained in the patient's medical record. The department houses the paper and microfilmed medical records, as well as maintains the integrity of the electronic record. The department provides services that are essential to patient care, reimbursement, hospital accreditation, risk management, staff training, and research.

Clinical Engineering

Provides emergency maintenance and scheduled inspection services to all medical equipment used in University Hospital.

Educational Communications

Provides a broad range of technology and media services including:

  • Campus Web Technology
  • Medical Photography and Graphics Design
  • Presentation and Classroom Support
  • Student Computing
  • Teleconferencing & Multimedia Services
  • TV & Technical Services
  • Video and Media Production

The department is also responsible for support of technology related to the campus and classroom instruction.

Help Desk—Customer Support Services

Provides services in all areas of personal computing and local area networks. We provide hardware and software support, help desk assistance, file server administration, and purchasing assistance.

Hospital Information Systems

Provides an array of services that support enterprise and departmental computer systems for University Hospital and its affiliated clinics. The department performs the planning for information system software needs and related budgetary requirements, project management for large-scale hospital based computer system implementations, programming and development of application software, and support for users of HIS applications, including second-level support for Help Desk issues.

Information Security Office

Responsible for the development and implementation of the institution's security policies and procedures, serves as the contact related to information security incidents, performs security audits and monitoring of the Institution information systems for compliance with federal and state regulations, and evaluates new security technologies to improve the Institution's information security.

Institutional Privacy Office

Responsible for the development and implementation of the institution's privacy policies and procedures, serves as the contact to receive complaints about privacy, performs compliance monitoring, investigation, reinforcement, and mitigation, and monitor new developments in health information privacy law.

Operations & Network Services

Responsible for a wide variety of computing, data, and voice technologies at Upstate. The department is compromised of several sub-groups that cover many areas including desktop support, the IMT Help Desk, systems administration, network design and administration, data center support and operations, data security, and telecommunications.


Provides, manages, and facilitates the use of a wide range of telecommunications services and systems in support of the faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors of Upstate Medical University. The resources for which Telecommunications is responsible include the campus-wide telephone system, red emergency telephones, cell phones, pagers, voicemail, local and long distance services, and communications cabling.