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Technology Requirements

What kind of computer do I need?
A desktop or laptop that meets these requirements:



Operating System

Windows 7 or 8

OS X 10.4 or higher

What kind of Software do I need?

-Microsoft Office (you will need Word and often PowerPoint or excel)
-Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download here)

What other hardware might I need in addition to a computer?

A: Programs using webinar software may expect you to have a headset that can be used for interaction.  In general, having a Logitech Headset with built in microphone and comfort ear pads, USB plug in and outfitted for both Windows and OS systems are best.  You may check with the Distance Learning office for specifics.

What Browser Should I Use?

Blackboard works best with Chrome or Firefox; it will also work with Safari and Internet Explorer.  However, there are cautions based on the version of the browser, and the operating system on your computer.

Please use this link to read more: Blackboard and Browser Guidelines

If you want to check out your computer (the one you are sitting at right now) to see if it is configured with the software you need for Blackboard and this course, use this link:
Check my computer system for Bb compatibility


Some courses require certain hardware (e.g. headset  & microphone) or software (e.g. SPSS); some require certain apps. Each course will specify the requirements.

For Technical Support or Questions:

Please contact the Upstate Distance Learning Office or the SUNY Helpdesk. Contact us for more information.