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Frequently Asked Questions: Students

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Q: Am I ready for Online Learning?

A: Use this Open SUNY website to determine if online learning is right for you!

Q: What is state residency for tuition purposes?

Q: How do I register/add/drop distance learning courses?

A: These processes are the same, no matter the course.  Check out the Registrar’s Office for more information.

Q: How do I get to my online courses?

A: Access your courses in BrightSpace.

-- username = your Outlook username

-- password = your MyAccounts password

Q: When can I access my online (OL) courses?

A: OL courses open one week prior to the official start of the term. This gives you time to explore the tools that will be used.  You can access OL courses 24/7.  OL courses run the same dates as traditional courses.

Q: Are online courses self-paced?

A: The professor establishes the course schedule, including due dates. You decide the days and times you will be online each week. While OL courses offer flexibility, they are rigorous and can be time intensive.

Q: How do I get my textbooks?

A: Go to our online bookstore, then click on textbooks. The Health Sciences Library licenses required texts in electronic format whenever they are available. Check the library's e-books page for the titles you need.

Q: Is technical support available?

A: You have several sources of support.  The Distance Learning Office at Upstate is able to assist you with questions about your online courses, or you may call the SUNY Helpdesk 7 days/week. Educational Communications also helps students with their computers, tablets and smart phones (call 315-464-4860).

Q: How does attendance work for online courses?

A: Participation in discussions, submission of assignments or required work are date and time stamped.  These count as attendance.

Q: What help with writing is available for DL students?

A: The Division of Student Affairs is committed to the success of every Upstate University student. They are dedicated to working with students "where they are" to address their specific needs as presented.

Q: What services does the library offer for distance learners?

A: A guide for distance learners has been published online for students at a distance.  In addition, some online faculty also work with the library to create a Lib Guide specific to their courses.  Here is one from NURS605, Health Care Policy.

Q: What about student identity verification?

A. There are no additional fees for student identify verification. Some courses require proctored exams, and provide guidelines on finding a proctor. If a student chooses to use a proctoring service, there may be a fee. SUNY System provides a website that can assist you with finding a proctor service near you.