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Frequently Asked Questions: Faculty

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Q: What faculty support is available?

A: eLearning / Educational Communications (Ed Comm) provides both instructional design and technical support to faculty.  Workshops on course design, building content and interaction, the grade center and course management are offered. Faculty are encouraged to contact the Distance Learning Office 6 months prior to the start of an OL course, and 2 months prior to the start of an IC course.  Faculty development and course development proceed after the initial consultation. The library also supports faculty with electronic texts and readings where available.  Contact the library at library@upstate.edu for details.

Q: How & When do students access the online courses?

A: OL courses are delivered via BrightSpace, and open one week prior to the official start date of the term. This provides students with time to learn how to navigate in an online course.  Access is available 24/7 and OL courses run the same dates as traditional courses.

Q: What else can you tell me about the procedures in Distance Learning?

Q: Are there procedures in place for proctored exams for distance learners?

A: Yes; documents that are easy to use and can be modified for your course are available from the Distance Learning Director.