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Autonomous Mobile Robots

TUG Autonomous Mobile Robots
Phone: 4-TUGS
Email: TUGRobot@upstate.edu

You may have noticed mobile robots called TUGs rolling around the halls during your visit to one of our SUNY Upstate hospitals. When there aren't enough hands or feet to get everything done, a set of wheels can make all the difference. TUGs take care of many of the tasks that slow us down and take time away from our patients.

What is TUG?

  • TUG is an autonomous mobile robot made specifically for hospitals.
  • TUG delivers supplies, lab specimens, medications, and meals while reducing our co-workers’ physical workloads and their risk of injury.
  • TUG frees up our care teams to spend more time at the bedside with patients.
  • TUG has sensors that guide it through hospital spaces while steering clear of patients, visitors, and caregivers.

Will I See a TUG During My Hospital Stay?

There’s a good chance you’ll see a TUG while in the hospital. While they don’t enter patient rooms, TUG travels the halls and elevators delivering food, supplies, and medications.

Why do TUGs need to ride the elevator alone?

Some TUGS turn around inside the cab and need the room to perform this action. All TUGs need the extra space in order to safely enter and exit the cab.

How can I tell that a TUG plans to take a certain elevator?

The TUG will “claim” an elevator that has been idle for 15 seconds. The TUG will move close to the elevator doors, indicating that that is the car it’s going to take, and to discourage staff and visitors from getting on with it.

Can I press the button to call myself an elevator if a TUG is in the lobby?

Absolutely. This will allow you to take the next car after the TUG.