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Upstate IMT Diversity Scholarship


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Information Management and Technology (IMT) at Upstate is dedicated to promoting the success of the future generation in pursuit of Computer Science and Technology. The Upstate IMT Diversity Scholarship was established to support under-resourced students and is an active part of our mission to invest in the STEM future of our students in the local community.

The Upstate IMT Diversity Scholarship is rooted in the belief that monetary compensation is a small investment into a potential future employee and fits hand-in-hand with other IMT programs, such as the IMT Student Assistant Program (see more below). We are incredibly excited to offer this opportunity to all Syracuse City School Districts students committed to furthering their education. To apply, please review the requirements and submission instructions.


Recipients will receive a minimum of $1,000

Can be used towards:

  • College Tuition
  • Books
  • Other college expenses

Applicant Requirements


Submission Guidelines

Taking Applicants for 2021-2022

Email all required documents, videos, or links to:


Email subject line should include

  • Student Full Name
  • High School Name

Attach all required documents in one email.

Application Checklist

☑️ Application Form
☑️ High School Transcript
☑️ College Acceptance Letter
☑️ Letter of Recommendation
☑️ Essay or Video

​​​​If you have any questions or issues submitting your application, please don't hesitate to contact us at UpstateIMT­Scholarship­@upstate.edu.

Past Award Recipients

Upstate IMT Diversity Scholarship Fund

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Upstate Foundation has a secure site to easily donate to this scholarship and many other Community Giving Campaigns!

Designation: IMT Diversity Scholarship Fund #47684


Upstate IMT Student Assistant Program


Upstate IMT Student Assistant Program provides a unique opportunity for junior and senior college students seeking a specialized internship to gain experience and knowledge within Upstate Information Management and Technology. To learn more contact [email protected].

Connect with @upstateIMT

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