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Cover photo for Hep C Treatment page - Stethascope and prescription pad.

Hepatitis C Care

We accept referrals for patients with active hepatitis C (HCV) infection who are:

  • Looking for a new primary care home and
  • Are interested in or meet criteria for PrEP (HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis), OR

With newer medications for HCV, the vast majority of patients can be treated and cured within 2-6 months. New medications are being approved on a regular basis, and our team incorporates these into patient care as quickly as possible to give our patients the most flexibility and best chance for a cure.

Our team has experience caring for patients with all genotypes and all stages of HCV.  We offer:

  • Non-invasive pre-treatment testing to optimize HCV medication regimen
  • A full time pharmacist to evaluate for any important medication interactions
  • A prior authorization team to assist with insurance approvals.

For patient referrals for HCV, please call our main line at 315-464-5533.