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Schedules / Time-Off

Note: Due to Fellow initiated switches, emergencies and fitness for duty related issues the final number of weeks / days on any particular service may not be equal for all fellows.

This is managed under the discretion of the Program Director and Program Administrator. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the PA (Program Administrator) or the PD (Program Director) for clarification.

  • 35 weeks of UH
  • 35 weeks of VA / Crouse
  • 4 weeks of microlab
  • 16 weeks of research
  • 4 weeks of elective (infection control, peds, transplant, STD)

Time-Off Policy

Per ACGME and ABIM policy, fellows are allowed a total of 20 days off per academic year (this includes interview time, vacation time, and sick time exceeding 4 days); unused time-off can not be carried over to the following year (i.e. you must use your annual allotment of 20 days).

Anytime beyond 20 days must be made up (i.e. training time must be extended which means that your residency end date will be after June 30th of your final year; extending your training means that your fellowship or employment start date will be delayed beyond July 1st) in order for you to be eligible for the ABIM Certifying Exam. There are no exceptions to this rule.

*Please note:  While we fully support the Family Medical Leave Act, any time taken beyond the allotted 20 days per year must be made up in order to be eligible for promotion or graduation. This will require extending your training time.*All time off, regardless of reason, requires prior approval from EPO.

*All time off, regardless of reason, requires prior approval from EPO.

*Vacation requests are on a first come, first serve basis.

For further details on the Department of Medicine's Time-Off Policy, please refer to the link below: