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Forms and FAQs

All IACUC documents (except for the Training Summary form) must be electronically submitted by the Principal Investigator via his/her own email account.
Documents submitted by other lab staff will not be accepted.
Do not submit hard copies of forms - email all forms to the IACUC office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q: Is there a template that I can follow when writing an IACUC protocol?

A: Yes, an approved protocol to use as a template is available upon request. Please email the IACUC office or call 315-464-4292.  

 Q: Can I submit an IACUC protocol for review before I complete all of the trainings for working with research animals?

A: Yes! Your protocol can be reviewed while you work on the required trainings, but the protocol will not be approved until all required trainings are complete. 

 Q: Do I have to wait until I get approval to use hazardous chemicals before submitting an IACUC protocol? 

A: If you plan to use hazardous chemicals in order to conduct your research with animals, your lab needs to be approved for this.  You can submit an IACUC protocol for review prior to gaining chemical approval, but the IACUC protocol will not be approved until the chemical approval is secured.   

 Q: Do I need IACUC protocol approval prior to transferring animals that are currently housed at another institution?

A:  No, while we recommend getting your IACUC protocol into the review process before animals arrive, they can be moved to Upstate's animal facility and set up in quarantine before your IACUC protocol is approved.  Please see the DLAR website for resources regarding animal transfer and housing.