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Ergonomic Services

Ergonomic Evaluations are available to ALL UPSTATE EMPLOYEES

If you are experiencing pain or difficulty - we are here to help!

CALL: 315-464-5782

Ergonomic Evaluation

  • Ergonomic evaluations are free for Upstate employees who are injured, in pain, or feel their workstation does not meet their individual needs.
  • An Ergonomic Specialist will visit your work area, discuss your specific issues, evaluate and design personalized solutions!
  • If you are working remotely, virtual options are also available!
  • Equipment may be recommended in order to alter your workspace needs.
  • We will obtain quotes and samples for you!
  • Please note that the Ergonomics Department will recommend products and obtain samples/quotes, but cannot place orders.  We will work with each department to determine needs and budget


Work Area Self Evaluation

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