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Ergonomic Services

Ergonomic Evaluations are available to ALL UPSTATE EMPLOYEES

If you are experiencing pain or difficulty - we are here to help!

CALL: 315-741-2996
EMAIL: Ossevoor@Upstate.edu

Ergonomic Evaluation

  • Ergonomic evaluations are available free of charge for Upstate employees who have been recently injured, have pain, or feel their workstation does not meet their individual needs.
  • An Ergonomic Specialist will visit your work area, discuss your specific issues, evaluate and design personalized solutions!
  • Not only will the Ergonomic Specialist adjust your workstation for efficiency and pain relief, but they will also assist with postural corrections. Often times postural changes can be the most simple but effective solutions for reducing or eliminating pain.
  • If you are working remotely, virtual options are also available!
  • Equipment may be recommended in order to alter your workspace needs.
  • We will obtain quotes and samples for you!
  • Please note that the Ergonomics Department will only recommend products and obtain samples/quotes, but cannot place orders. Ordering must be completed inter-departmentally.
  • Please call (315) 741-2996 or email Ossevoor@upstate.edu to schedule your evaluation!


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