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  • Please note that the Ergonomics Department will recommend products and obtain samples/quotes, but cannot place orders.  We will work with each department to determine needs and budgets.


Chairs should have a number of adjustments that allow users to customize the fit and promote a good seated posture. This is especially important for individuals who sit for a large portion of their day.

  • Chairs should be easily adjusted and include:
    • Height adjustment
    • Adjustable seat depth
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Supportive backrest
    • Fabric may be considered depending upon the application (vinyl or fabric)
  • MOST IMPORTANT - The Chair should feel COMFORTABLE! A chair trial is recommended to determine if it will meet your needs
  • Chair samples are available from many local vendors!


  • Ergonomic office supply products are available for purchase through ProfTech, Staples, OfficeMax, Amazon, and more!
  • Your Ergonomic Specialist would be happy to recommend products!