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Educational Benefits for CSEA Represented Employees

Partnership Advisor Contact Information
Phone: 1-800-253-4332
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-4:30 PM - All other times, leave a message with a convenient time for an advisor to call you.
Fax: (518) 473-0056 or (518) 486-1989
Tuition Benefits/Educational Advisement: advisors@nyscseapartnership.org
Online Learning: onlinelearninghelp@nyscseapartnership.org

NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education and Training - Tuition Benefits

You are eligible if you are a CSEA-represented NYS employee (ASU, ISU, OSU, or DMNA) who is receiving a New York State paycheck when applying or a CSEA-represented NYS employee who has been laid off in the past year and is on a Civil Service Preferred List.

The Tuition Benefits Program can help you realize your educational and career goals through four components:

  • Tuition Vouchers - Payment for tuition at participating schools.
  • Tuition Reimbursement - Authorized repayment of tuition to students who successfully complete coursework at accredited schools.
  • Credit-By-Examination Fee Reimbursement - Unlimited reimbursement for credit-by-examination fees through CLEP, DSST, TECEP, and Excelsior College.
  • Certification and Licensure Examination Fee Reimbursement Program - Unlimited reimbursement for certification or licensure examination fees up to a maximum of $350.

Please visit the NYS and CSEA Partnership for Education and Training website for complete details and resources.

Learning Certificate Programs

A certificate program is a series of online courses on a single topic that must be completed by a certain date. In order to participate in a certificate program, a learner must register for both the certificate program and the Partnership's Online Learning Program. Registration takes place through the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS).

Skills for Success Courses

Take advantage of the in-classroom and webinar courses contained in the Skills for Success catalog. Courses are listed under eight categories. We urge you to work with your supervisor to select the courses most suited to your work and personal goals.

Partner's Online Courses Using the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS)

CSEA-represented NYS employees are invited to take advantage of the over 2,600 SkillSoft courses and two Labor-Management courses available through the Partnership's Online Learning program. Employees can enroll in these classes through the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS) .

To login to the Statewide Learning Management System:

SUNY Employees log in using the SUNY Portal (Directions for logging in using the SUNY Portal ). In the Employee Services Protal, click the tab to E-Business Services and then click the link for SLMS - Statewide Learning Management System.

For help logging in, contact the SLMS Help Desk at 518-473-8087, Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-5:00 PM, or email at SLMSHelpDesk@goer.ny.gov.

NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education Targeted Tuition Program for Information Technology

The NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education and Training is pleased to announce the Targeted Tuition Program for Information Technology. This program provides tuition assistance to CSEA-represented NYS Executive Branch employees that are matriculated in a Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Information Technology, Telecommunications, or Management Information Systems program.

Eligible employees can receive up to two targeted tuition benefits (vouchers or reimbursements). Each targeted benefit can cover one credit-bearing Information Technology course, up to a maximum of four credits at the resident tuition per credit rate, not to exceed $275 per credit. Applications must be received by December 31, 2016 and courses must be in session sometime between April 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

For further information visit the web at: http://www.nyscseapartnership.org/ or contact the Partnership at (800)253-4332.