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GroupWise Email - Tutorials

GroupWise is Upstates email application. Below are some optional tutorials to help familiarize you with GroupWise.

Accessing GroupWise

  • You will see a GroupWise icon in the Upstate Applications window on your PC.

GroupWise Basics

Scheduling Meetings in GroupWise

  • Scheduling a Recurring Meeting – Schedule a meeting with multiple dates
  • Reschedule a meeting:
    • To reschedule a meeting (to do this, you must be the person who created the meeting):
      Go to your “Sent Items” folder. Right click on the meeting notification that was sent. Choose “Resend.”Change the details of the meeting as needed, and hit “Send.” Your attendees will receive a new meeting invite and will need to accept or decline.

Mailbox limits, Archiving Email

  • Email in your Trash folder are deleted after 7 days. Email in your inbox, sent, and other folders is automatically deleted after 6 months. If you need to keep email longer than 6 months contact the Help Desk to request Email Archiving.