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Visiting Student Orientation

Related Policy: E-06 Non-Employee/Contract Staff Orientation and Annual Training

Students coming to Upstate Medical University from other institutions

The sponsoring department is responsible for initiating the non-employee request through the Non-Employee Management System (NEMS) within Self Serve, ensuring health clearance and an Upstate ID badge is obtained, requesting a Brightspace account through the IMT Network Account Request within Self Serve, and overseeing the completion of required orientation/education within Brightspace.


  1. Non-Employee Online Request Form within Self Serve (to obtain ID badge and health clearance)
    • Requests are reviewed and cleared by Employee Health. Employee Health will advise via email:
      • Status of request once processed
      • When/if the non-employee should report to Employee Health
      • When the non-employee should visit Payroll for badging
  2. Upon receipt of ID badge, request a Brightspace account via the Visiting Student Account Request within Self Serve
  3. Upon receipt of Brightspace account, complete the education request form to have required orientation/education assigned through Professional Development & Learning (PDL).