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New Manager Orientation

Contact: Holly McCurdy, Director, Organizational Training and Development
Office: Jacobsen Hall, Room 713
Phone: 315 464-5236
Email: [email protected]

New managers should review the Manager Training Program Checklist with his/her manager and do a self-assessment to determine specific areas of focus and to determine learning priorities.

Training Resources

  • To access the Manager and Nurse Manager Checklists, please access Self Serve for the most current versions. Please go to Self Serve, Applications, Training, Orientation Checklists. Under "Checklist Management" type in: manager. The checklist can be printed as a pdf to be used as a reference  (use the print button at the bottom of the screen), or assigned to the manager by the manager's direct supervisor for formal tracking and filing in the personnel file upon completion.
  • Training Registration and Descriptions
  • Helpful web resources