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Parking and Other FAQs

Where do I park on my first day (orientation) and what does it cost?

Parking is in Upstate Garage East. Please take a ticket upon entering and bring with you to New Employee Orientation to be validated. Parking arrangements for NEO and ongoing employment will be discussed and finalized during the first day of New Employee Orientation. There will not be a cost to park in the garage during the first day of Orientation. Any questions or concerns regarding parking and validation can be discussed during NEO with the facilitator.

You will need to bring your vehicle registration and first month's payment.

Note: For employees not starting on a New Employee Orientation day and planning on signing up for parking, you will need to report to the parking office during your first day to register for parking. Bring your garage stub to be validated.

The Parking Office is located at University Hospital, room 1801.

What do I need to bring on my first day?

Please refer to the Checklist of Items Needed for Your First Day.

On my first day (orientation) what should I do about lunch?

Continental breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge during Day 1 of Orientation

What is the dress code for New Employee Orientation?

There is no formal dress code for New Employee Orientation, but clothing appropriate (business casual) for a work environment is requested for the first day. You may be reporting to your department/unit on the second day, so please wear scrubs or other work-specific attire.