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Civil Service

Exam Announcements Related to Upstate

Please read each announcement for specific exam date and application deadline information.

***For more information regarding any Civil Service Exam, please contact:

Christine Knappen (315)464-4921 [email protected]

Yesenia Medina  (315)464-4962   [email protected]

Melissa Acker (315)464-4931 [email protected]

Melissa Blevins  (315)464-4929 [email protected]

Decentralized Examination Process

*New exam process for Plant Utilities Assistant (PUA), and Plant Utilities Engineer 1 (PUE) - Please read the exam information below. Candidates interested in the PUA, PUE, as well as the Medical Office Assistant title must submit a New York State Examination Application (NYS-APP) to the Human Resources Dept at SUNY Upstate, for review.


Civil Service Exams

Most State classified positions within SUNY Upstate Medical University require candidates to take an exam for that specific job title.

Some of the competitive class positions that require an exam at SUNY Upstate Medical University include the titles of:

  • Office Assistant 1 Titles
  • Office Assistant 2 Titles
  • Hospital Patient Services Clerk 1 & 2
  • Administrative Assistant 1 & 2
  • Nursing Station Clerk 1
  • Medical Assistant
  • Plant Utilities Engineer  
  • Plant Utilities Assistant

Why an Exam?

  • Per NYS Constitution, tests measure merit and fitness of candidates for positions
  • Examinations give qualified candidates an equal opportunity to compete for the position
  • Examinations allow an employee to advance or change careers
  • Examinations are based on the job title of the position
  • Candidates must meet minimum qualifications for examination
  • Test results are usually available in 90-120 days
  • Minimum passing score: 70
  • Candidates are then placed on an Eligible List for their selected geographic area

Please note: Some State jobs do not require a competitive Civil Service exam. Examples of titles that do not require an exam include those such as: Hospital Attendant 1, Nursing Assistant 2, Supply Assistant, Trades Generalist, and Maintenance Assistant.