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NICHE Designated Care

Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) is the largest national geriatric nursing care program for hospitals.

Upstate University Hospital's NICHE Designation

As a NICHE-designated hospital, Upstate University Hospital is committed to improving care for geriatric patients. Over 50% of all hospitalized patients are over 65 years old. These patients have unique needs that can best be met by nurses with specialized geriatric training. University Hospital has invested time and resources in the education of staff on the unique needs of geriatric patients.

Benefits of NICHE Designation

  • Proven strategies and methods to address issues specific to older patients
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Increased patient and family satisfaction

Download this important fact sheet to learn more about geriatric patient's special needs:

In addition, a number of resources are available through NICHE and other organizations for geriatric patients and caregivers to assist them with:

  • Nurse/family partnering strategies
  • Medication use
  • Community care options
  • Dementia
  • Self-care for family caregivers
  • Work and eldercare topics
  • Discharge planning
  • And much more….

Ask your nurse or doctor for help accessing resources.

Families are Key

NICHE Recognizes that families are key members of the healthcare team. Hospital nurses are in a unique position to work with families as partners to better provide quality care. The NICHE program gives nurses and other staff the knowledge and resources to help meet the specialized needs of hospitalized older adult patients and their families.