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TV, Phone, and Internet Access


The purchased service for Television offers access to a variety of cable and local stations. To order Television service for your room please dial 4-6565 from your bedside phone and follow the prompts.

The service is $7 per day and can be paid by Master Card, Visa, Debit Card or be billed to your home. This option includes a one-time activation fee of $6.50.

If your stay with Upstate exceeds 20 days, your service will continue as complimentary and be without further charges to you. Your service will continue without interruption if you are transferred to another room and will automatically end when you are discharged.

A portion of the sales benefits the Advocates for Upstate Medical University to offer grants for patient care at Upstate University Hospital.


The bedside telephone offers unlimited local and regional calling. This service has no cost to you.

Noise control

If using a cell phone, please do so in a respectful manner so as not to be disruptive (low volume quiet or disabled ring-tones, etc). Please turn down your television volume especially when others are sleeping. If you feel there is too much noise that is impacting your recovery tell your nursing staff directly or call us anytime at (315) 464-SHHH (315-464-7444).

Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

Wireless access can be used with personal laptop and other Wi-Fi devices. There are different accounts set up for patient and public use.

Internet account is available for patient use. You will need to enter the current Access Code. You can get this weeks code by selecting Channel 45 on the Hospital Patient Channel or Channel 58 in the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. The code will be scrolling across the bottom of the screen. We will update the wireless access code weekly. If your device stops working, please check to make sure you have the most recent code.

Internet access is available for you and your visitors to Upstate University Hospital. No password is needed. For more information, ask at the Information Center in the Hospital lobby or call 4-5030.