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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I disagree with the amount I am billed, who should I contact?

If the amount on the patient responsibility section of the bill is the same as the amount due on the University Hospital statement then you need to contact your insurance carrier. Ask your insurance carrier how they arrived at the amount due.

Can I put my account on hold while I dispute this claim with the insurance company?

Have your insurance carrier contact the University Hospital’s Business Office at 315 464-4320 if they are going to review or reprocess the claim. Once the call is received, our Business Office will extend the account an additional 30 days for review/reprocessing.

Why am I receiving a bill for a date that I was not at University Hospital?

Please check to see if you were at your physician's office that day. This bill is usually the result of your physician sending a blood specimen to the Hospital to be analyzed.

Why am I receiving more than one bill for the same date of service? I only had one appointment that day.

Based on the services you have received, you may receive a bill from the Hospital and one from the physician, radiologist, or pathologist.

Why do I keep receiving bills for the same amount but with different account numbers?

Please check the dates on each bill as they should be different. Each time you have services at University Hospital, you will receive a new account number. The only exception to this is if you are receiving therapy services such as physical therapy and then you will receive a new account each month.

Is there any discount for paying the amount due in full?

No, however the Hospital does offer a reduction in your bill if you qualify for the Financial Assistance Programs. If you do not qualify for either of these programs, there is no other reduction available.

Does the Hospital offer payment plans or financial assistance?

Yes, University Hospital offers payment plans, financial assistance, and charity care.

To make payment arrangements, please contact 315 464-8050. You will be asked for your name, account number, and telephone number.

In order to receive a reduction in your bill, you must complete an evaluation to see if you qualify for any other health care benefits or community resources available. If you are not eligible, University Hospital will request you to complete a Financial Assistance Application. Once we have received your completed application and the required supporting documentation you will receive a written response within 30 days of the decision and the percent of reduction applicable. If you would like further information please contact 315 464-5026.