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Smoking and Vaping Cessation at Upstate


Jackson Tarr

Tobacco Treatment Education Coordinator
Cancer Center
Phone: 315-464-3519

Our goal is to equip anyone struggling with a nicotine addiction with the education, evidence-based therapies, and on-going support they need to help them achieve and maintain a tobacco-free lifestyle. Our team of Tobacco Treatment Specialists will help customize a tobacco cessation plan to anyone concerned about the health effects of tobacco.

The Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists at Upstate offer one on one counseling via in-person, video, or telephone visits. We utilize a comprehensive range of approaches to help you quit and stay quit. We use safe and effective FDA approved medications and help you develop your own personal treatment plan. We assist you with developing behavioral and stress reduction techniques to help you manage cravings and urges. Relapse prevention begins at step one. You will develop the skills for preventing relapse / handling “slips” and maintaining a tobacco free lifestyle.

These resources are offered at no cost to all staff, volunteers, students with and
Upstate badge including eligible dependents:

  • Free tobacco counseling and Nicotine replacement products with continued
    support throughout your quit attempt.
  • NY State Smoker’s Quitline 866-697-5787, or nysmokefree.com
  • Call 315-464-3519 or email [email protected] for more information

Let’s Clear the Air.

Smoking/vaping is not allowed anywhere at any Upstate Campus. Free Nicotine
Replacement Comfort Kits for Visitors are available at many locations 24/7 at
Upstate and Community Campus, and The Upstate Cancer Center. Remain by your
loved one’s side and stay comfortable during your visit.

Smoke Free Zones

Consult these Upstate maps for Smoke/Tobacco Free Zones on Upstate property:

Meet The Team

Jackson Tarr, RRT

Jackson Tarr
[email protected]
Phone: 315-464-3519

Jackson is the Tobacco Treatment Education Coordinator for the Upstate Cancer Center. Upstate is the leader in Tobacco Treatment in Central New York. We offer one-on-one counseling for any patient who sees an Upstate provider through a referral to the tobacco treatment program. Appointments can be in person, telemedicine, or virtual. Tobacco cessation classes to the community upon request. Support groups are offered and held in an as needed basis.

Jennifer Casler

Jennifer Casler
[email protected]

Jennifer is a Respiratory Therapist and tobacco Treatment Specialist for the Upstate Cancer Center. She offers in-person, tele-medicine, and virtual one on one tobacco counseling.

Annemarie Cristino

Annamarie Cristino
[email protected]
Phone: 315-492-5296

Annemarie Cristino, LCSW, CEAP, is a licensed clinical social worker, and works full time as the senior lead Employee Assistance Program Coordinator for Upstate. She also works as a Tobacco Cessation Treatment Specialist, part time for the Tobacco Treatment Program working with employees. In person, telemedicine, and virtual appointments are available upon request.

Theresa Hankin

Theresa Hankin
[email protected]
Phone: 315-464-3519

Theresa is a Mayo Clinic Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist and Respiratory Therapist for the Upstate Cancer Center. She works part-time doing Telemedicine/virtual tobacco counseling. She has 20+ years of experience helping clients achieve and maintain a tobacco free lifestyle.

Carolyn Walczyk

Carolyn Walczyk
[email protected]

Carolyn is a Mayo Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. She also is a Registered Respiratory Therapist at Upstate University Hospital. Beginning with tobacco treatment counseling at the bedside at University Hospital, she now offers, to University hospital Clinics and employees, one on one counseling at the Upstate Cancer Center and at the Upstate Health Care Center. Contact Carolyn so learn how she may help you begin your journey to becoming smoke free.


Various local help that will support you in quitting. Resources are available for all patients, visitors, employees and members of our community.

These resources are offered at no cost to you:

  • New York State Smokers Quitline 1-866-697-8487 - Cessation Counseling & Nicotine Replacement (if eligible) NY Smoke Free Web Site
  • Free smoking and Vaping cessation classes, call Jackson Tarr 315-464-3519 or email [email protected]
  • Upstate’s Tobacco Users Support Group (Syracuse) -- get the help you need to make informed decisions" call for times.
    Upstate’s Cancer Center 750 East Adams St. Syracuse, NY Call Theresa Hankin to register phone 315-464-3519
  • ALA Freedom from Smoking (Syracuse) Eight Week Cessation Program 315-218-0850
  • Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program (Chenango County) Cessation Program for Pregnant/Postpartum Tobacco Users phone 607-337-1660
  • Bridges to Prevent Tobacco (Canastota) Individual Cessation Counseling 315-697-3947
  • Cayuga Center for Healthy Living (Ithaca) Cessation Counseling and Monthly Support Groups Kathy Eliason at 607-252-3590
  • Cortland Convenient Care (Cortland) Monthly Support Group Kathy Eliason at 607-252-3590
  • Lourdes: ALA Freedom from Smoking (Binghamton) Eight Week Cessation Program 1-877-9LOURDES
  • Quit for Life: Excellus BCBS Members (Online) Cessation Counseling & Nicotine Replacement Therapy (if eligible) 1-800-442-8904 or Excellusbcbs
  • Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network (CNY) Quit Kit for Pregnant/PostPartum Tobacco Users 1-800-231-0744
  • Oneida County Health Department (Oneida County) tobacco treatment and smoking cessation Classes 315-798-5486
  • Smoke Free for My Baby & Me Program (Oswego County) Cessation Program for Pregnant/PostPartum Tobacco Users 315-343-2590

CNY community tobacco treatment and smoking cessation program

  • Smoking and vaping cessation classes to the community
  • Worksite cessation program options
  • If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tobacco treatment appointment, please reach out to our team.