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Leadership Messages

Associate Chief & Associate Medical Director of Clinical Operations & Education

Zachary Shepherd, MD

Zachary Shepherd, MD

A well-defined and rigorous structure is the backbone of any organization with a complex workflow. As the Associate Medical Director for Clinical Operations and Education, I will continue to define our mission and standardize our structure and workflow to maximize the efficacy of our division as well as create a robust curriculum to coordinate between all levels of education throughout the division of hospital medicine.

Associate Chief of Administration

Tara Mathews

Tara Mathews

Our Division is a multi-faceted and complex microcosm of Hospitalists, Advanced Practice Providers, residents, students, interns and administrative staff. Through the process of engagement, our Division is able to navigate, adapt to, and achieve complex goals because of unification and solidarity. In my administrative role, I am committed to providing everyone in our Division, the ability to succeed both professionally and socially through opportunities within the Upstate Community, and beyond. In an everchanging environment of technological advancements and quality measurements, I am passionate about supporting and leading our Division towards the best outcomes and ensuring that longevity, is the result of promoting the development and growth of all who go on this journey with us.

Associate Medical Director of Quality & Patient Experience

Brian A Changlai Jr, MD

Brian Changlai, MD

“The good physician treats the disease. The great physician treats the patient with the disease.” – William Osler

Every patient deserves to be listened to carefully, treated with courtesy and respect, and explained to in ways they can understand. The Hospitalists within our division will drive a culture of superior patient and family centered care through strategically empowering its providers and cultivating best practices. Our focus will be on human relationships and communication skills to create a safe and supportive environment focused on healing, prevention and wellness.

Associate Medical Director at Community Campus

Ali Khan CHCQM

Ali Khan, MD

Our Hospitalist group is at the forefront of education, executive leadership and hospital policy. Many of our members serve on various hospital committees dedicated to the advancement of our mission and comprehensive, quality patient care. As the Associate Medical Director of the Division of Hospital Medicine I help to coordinate the transition between Upstate's Downtown and Community campus and fulfill the ideal of "two campuses, one Hospital".

Associate Medical Director for Advanced Education

Kathryn Anderson, MD

Kathryn Anderson, MD

Our Division benefits from increasingly diverse and impactful opportunities for research and education. As Associate Medical Director of Advanced Education, I am committed to supporting these initiatives and cultivating new opportunities in the areas of clinical and translational research, global health, and quality improvement. Additionally, I will oversee education and research opportunities for exciting new programs in our Division: the establishment of a hospitalist fellowship, point-of-care ultrasound, and procedure services.