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Hospital Medicine Committees


Hospitalist Structure & Policy Committee (HSPC)

This committee is a diverse group of division providers that look at all facets of current and projected structures and policies. Members develop and articulate plans for better organization, integration, and implementation so that expectations are clear and standardized.

Date and Time: 2:00pm, Second to last Tuesday of the month 
Contact for More Info: Leah Melfi

Hospitalist Structure & Policy Committee (HSPC)

Ilona Chepak, MD

Chair: Ilona Chepak, MD

HSPC stands for the Hospital Structure and Policy Committee. This committee meets monthly to discuss and review operational issues relevant to our division. If you want to have a say in how the division is run, please join our committee and give your input.

Hospital Medicine Education Committee (HMEC)

This committee of educators is committed to the development of our providers. They look for opportunities to enhance the knowledge that our division holds by way of research, special studies and fellowships.  

Video created by HMEC: Upstate Community Hospital Stroke Code Process 2023 Video

Date and Time: 4:15pm, Third Thursday of the month
Contact for More Info: Leah Melfi

Hospital Medicine Education Committee (HMEC)

Danielle Kochen
Vice Chair: Danielle Kochen, MD

HMEC provides opportunities for continued professional growth and education for medical professionals within the Division of Hospitalist Medicine. I see HMEC as an organization that emphasizes the importance of teaching and life-long learning within our institution. By cultivating a mentality of continuous growth, I hope that we will be able to advance the educational interests of our hospital staff and house staff leading to better patient care and outcomes.

Hospital Medicine Quality Committee: HMQC

(Oversees M&M committee (HMMC) and Journal Club) This committee is a sub-committee of HMEC. This committee has a more fine-tuned focus on specific quality education; using real scenarios and examining the successes and failures of each.

Date and Time: 4:00pm, second Thursday of the month 
Contact for More Info: Leah Melfi 

Hospital Medicine Quality Committee: HMQC

Hayas Haseer Koya, MBBS

Co-Chair: Hayas Haseer Koya, MBBS

My goals are to help identify and review trends and concerns regarding quality, patient safety, and system problems. I look forward to working with my colleagues to provide a platform for discussion in achieving our common goals, including but not limited to streamlining workflow, thereby decreasing errors, morbidity, and mortality, and thus improving patient safety and the efficient delivery of patient care.

Zaher Oueida, MBCHB

Co-Chair: Zaher Oueida, MD

The Quality Committee mission is: working together to deliver standardized, high- quality hospital care, aiming to reduce mortality and to improve the health of our community, while driving innovation of new ideas to help achieve these goals.

Patient Experience Committee: PXC

This committee drives the future of patient care and is a beacon of ingenuity and design with developments in quality and excellence. The patient experience is a complicated yet rewarding undertaking and one that this committee values immensely.

Date and Time: 1:00pm, First Thursday of the month 
Contact for More Info: Timothy Schinto

Patient Experience Committee: PXC

Bader Madoukh

Chair: Bader Madoukh, MD

My goals for the Patient Experience Committee are to 1) lead the way in innovative patient-centered care 2) to polish the quality of healthcare services provided to patients and 3) to have our efforts reflected in good patient outcomes.

Munnam sohail Jafar, MD
Vice Chair: Munnam Jafar, MD

We see people at probably the lowest point in their lives. The least one can do is to be kind and respectful and make sure everyone understand their disease and its management. It not only leaves a long-lasting impact on someone's life but also provides fulfillment and self-gratification.

The Faculty Development Committee

This advisory committee focuses on enhancing the careers of our hospitalists from an academic, administrative, and clinical perspective. Goal-setting, advancement, and performance strategy are just some of the many ways our hospitalists are inspired and motivated to continue learning and growing in their field. Through this process, avenues are opened and resources become accessible, to partner with those that want to pursue imaginative and unconventional approaches to bettering the quality and nature of patient care.

Date and Time: To be determined 
Contact for More Info: Timothy Schinto

The Faculty Development Committee

Timothy Creamer, MD

Chair: Tim Creamer, MD

As physicians and educators, we are in an arena of lifelong learning. Part of that learning is being introspective about what we already know, and what we need to know, about ourselves. Professional Development is the monitoring of that knowledge. If we are to be high-level educators, we need to be sure we are one step ahead of our charges. We need to be sure we are taking credit for work that raises the level of our chosen area of expertise. Titles don’t define us, but they do help others recognize our experience in a concise, easy-to-access, easy-to-recognize way. Any cohesive group needs standards for itself. The Professional Development Committee, in coordination with the administrative offices of the University, sets those standards. We also assist individuals in understanding how well they are achieving or surpassing those standards. We also look to ensure that individuals get credit for their work—whether that work is with patients, administration, residents, medical students, recent graduates, or junior attendings. We are here to help you move along the road to success.