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Robotic (Minimally Invasive) Repair Surgery

Minimally Invasive Robotic Repair

DaVinci RobotDaVinci Robot

Three small incisions will be made in the abdomen. A needle may be used to inject gas into the belly. This will make it easier to see inside the body. A scope with a small camera on the end will be passed through one of the incisions. The camera will display the area on a video screen. Next, robotic arms holding tools will be inserted through the holes.

While sitting nearby, the doctor will use lenses to look at a magnified 3-D image of the inside of the body. Another doctor will adjust the camera and tools. The robotic arms and tools will be guided by the surgeon.

The hernia sac will be dissected and the tissue will be moved back into place. The abdominal wall will be closed. Mesh may be used to help strengthen your abdominal wall.

When the surgery is done, the tools will be removed. The incisions will be closed with stitches and surgical glue.

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