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Ventral Hernia Repair

You may require a 1-4 day hospital stay where you will be treated by a multidisciplinary team including physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, and patient coordinators.

  • Recovery is about 2-4 weeks.
  • We ask that you use your judgment and avoid unnecessary strain to your abdominal wall for 6-8 weeks.  No heavy lifting. No pushing. No pulling. No straining.
  • Your recovery is broken down from 0-2, 2-4, 4-8, and 8+ weeks.
  • Each week you will focus on and develop techniques to strengthen and improve your recovery and restore your quality of life. 
  • Abdominal binder: (if applicable)
    • You may be instructed to wear an abdominal binder after surgery, when you are up and moving, for 6-8 weeks to provide an additional layer of support and comfort.
    • Please wear at all times when out of bed for the full 6-8 weeks.
  •  JP Drain: (if applicable)
    • You may go home with a drain which will help decrease postoperative tension on your repair. The drain will be removed, in the office, typically within 5-10 days after surgery, once the output has reached an acceptable level.
    • You may go home with 1 or 2 drains.
  • Prevena - Wound Vac: (if applicable)
    • You may go home with a Prevena wound vac.
    • The Prevena is an incision suction device placed over your closed incision to promote wound healing.
    • The wound vac will be removed in the office typically 1 week after surgery.