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Abdominal Core Surgery Rehabilitation

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After undergoing abdominal wall reconstruction or hernia repair, your body has a new ability to stabilize its “core.” Rehabilitation of your core after these operations is important to maintain function and flexibility and can help reduce pain.

These guides will help you regain function and restore abdominal core health. If you have not already done so, you should consult with your surgeon before you start the program described in these guides Some of the topics covered include:

Self-Care for Healing and Recovery

After your surgery, your abdominal tissues will continue healing for several months. The first four weeks are when you are most susceptible to re-injury. This section includes information to help you protect your hernia repair and reduce your risk of developing health problems during your recovery.


Stretching helps reduce discomfort, improve your blood circulation, and maintain abdominal core movement. It also helps reduce scarring and scar tissue. This section includes stretches with tips to protect your hernia repair.

Activities of Daily Living

Basic activities are usually more difficult immediately after surgery. This section includes techniques to protect your hernia repair during routine daily activities such as sleeping, walking, etc.


Developing weakness after surgery is very common and can prolong your recovery. This section contains exercises that will help you reduce strength loss while avoiding excess stress to your hernia repair.

  Abdominal Core Surgery Rehabilitation Protocol Patient Guide