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Financial Responsibility

Here to Help You

Billing Representatives are available on site to assist patients with proper submission of their bill to their insurance carrier.

Patients are expected to:

  • Show your insurance identification card at each visit
  • Make necessary copayments at the time of each visit
  • Pay on remaining balances on a regular basis and in an amount that would completely pay off the account in less than 12 months. Deductibles and Out of Pocket maximums account for the balances on patient accounts and these are yearly expenses.
  • Make sure that all necessary referrals are established prior to receiving care and bring documentation of referral to your appointments.
  • We will assist in obtaining pre-authorizations for certain treatments from your insurance. However, you are expected to assist us in contacting your insurance plan whenever there is an issue that needs your involvement.
  • See our Billing Representative immediately if you have a group insurance plan and become eligible for Medicare. Most insurances require that you to purchase Medicare Part B when it is first offered to you.
  • Call us immediately so that we can help you evaluate other options if you loose your insurance for any reason. This is extremely important because you only have a 60 day window to obtain other insurance without your new insurance plan applying a pre-existing condition clause to your new policy

Payment plans are available to patients without insurance who need medical care. We have a list of copay and drug assistance plans that you may qualify for even if you have insurance.