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Upstate Urology Telehealth

Telehealth Video Appointments

Visit With Your Doctor From The Privacy Of Your Home

Amid concerns regarding Covid-19, it may be difficult to see a provider for a traditional in-office visit. But now, you have options. Many Upstate providers are offering telehealth video services.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth often refers to the delivery of health care services through live, interactive videoconferencing. Telehealth may also be delivered through a regular phone call. Telehealth allows you to see and speak to your doctor or other health care service provider live, from the privacy and safety of your own home. You chat with your provider just as you would in person.

Often these appointments can be via a smart phone, computer or tablet. Depending on your doctor, these appointments are often held securely through common videoconferencing apps and platforms such as Webex.

Contact your Upstate clinical services provider to see if telehealth appointments may be available for you.