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Upstate Active Clinical Trials

Study Title:

Using Human Tissue and Cells for Clonal Hematological Disease Translational Research

What is the purpose of the study? (in Layman's terms, please describe the study)

The purpose of this study is to investigate the significance of deficiency of a specific protein called GPI-AP (Glycophosphatidylinositol – anchor protein), which is caused by mutation in a family of gene called PIG (Phosphatidylinositol glycan). The goal is to find out if the patients with PIG gene mutation have higher risk of MDS progression and changing to leukemia.

Upstate Institutional Review Board (IRB) Number:


Study Phase:


Patient Age Group:

Adults and Children

Principal Investigator:

Jeffrey J Pu

Who can I contact for more information?

Name: Shramika Pokharel, MBBS, MPH
Phone: 315-464-8271
Email: [email protected]

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