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Upstate Active Clinical Trials

Study Title:

A Prospective, Post-market, Multi-Center Study of the Outcomes of the Triathlon® Total Stabilizer (TS) Total Knee System

What is the purpose of the study? (in Layman's terms, please describe the study)

The purpose of this study is to evaluate a knee implant called the Triathlon® TS Total Knee System used when a previous knee replacement surgery has failed. The Triathlon® TS Total Knee System includes femoral components (attached to your thigh bone), distal and posterior femoral augments (helps attach femoral components to your bone, if needed), fluted and cemented stems (when more length and stability are required), stem extenders (to add more length to a stem) and offset adapters (to change where the stem can be placed). When mated with the Triathlon® TS Universal Tibial Baseplate (attached to your shin bone), tibial inserts (the plastic piece that attaches to the baseplate) and tibial augments (helps attach tibial components to your bone, if needed), the parts provide a stable, balanced total knee replacement.

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Study Phase:


Patient Age Group:


Principal Investigator:

Timothy A Damron

Who can I contact for more information?

Name: Tina M Craig
Phone: 315-464-8618
Email: craigt@upstate.edu

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