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Upstate Active Clinical Trials

Study Title:

A Randomized Trial to Assess Patient Quality of Life and Function after Alternative Surgeries
for Pathologic Fractures of the Femur

What is the purpose of the study? (in Layman's terms, please describe the study)

The purpose of this study is to look at two different types of surgeries regularly used for treating cancer that has spread to and weakened the femur. Because it is not known which of these surgeries is best, we will compare the results of the two procedures. We are looking to see if differences exist (after surgery) in your function, quality of life, pain control and possible complications.

Upstate Institutional Review Board (IRB) Number:


Patient Age Group:


Principal Investigator:

Timothy A Damron

Who can I contact for more information?

Name: Tina M Craig
Phone: 315-464-8618
Email: [email protected]

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