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Services Provided for Employees, Volunteers and Affiliates

Services Provided:

  • Pre-employment health assessment and clearance, which may include:
    • physical examination when required
    • tuberculin testing (if required)
    • determination of immunity to Rubeola, Rubella, Mumps, Varicella and Hepatitis B
    • administration of required vaccines
  • Annual Health Assessment
    • determination of changes in health status over the preceding year
    • TB Screening assessment
    • Health and Wellness screening, which may include:
      • Immunization update for Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis
      • Hepatitis B Vaccine for staff with occupational exposure to blood and body fluids
      • Latex allergy screening and recommendations
      • Blood pressure monitoring
      • Mask fit testing, if required for Respiratory Protection Program
      • Seasonal Influenza vaccination 
  • Follow-up for work-related exposure to communicable disease in collaboration with Infection Control
Services Not Provided:
  • Primary care services for employees, volunteers or affiliates must be provided by personal physicians/providers.
  • Employees requiring treatment for work related injuries are directed to seek care with their primary physician/provider or through the Emergency Department, depending on the urgency.