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Incoming Residents Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the function of Employee/Student Health (ESH)?

ESH is responsible for pre-employment health screening of all employees and re-assessment of their health status each year. New employees must receive health clearance from ESH before being placed on the payroll and before beginning their work assignment.

Where is ESH, what are the hours of operation and contact numbers?

ESH is located in Jacobsen Hall, 4th Floor. Hours of operation are 7:30 AM – 5 PM. Telephone is (315) 464-4260 and fax is (315) 464-5471. Questions may be directed to Nancy Marley-O’Mara, Staff Assistant II at: [email protected].

What is required for health clearance?

Complete medical history form and physical examination within 6 months prior to beginning employment. Documentation of immunity to rubella, rubeola, mumps, varicella and surveillance for tuberculosis. Also, an OSHA Respiratory questionnaire and N95 respirator fit-testing is required.

Why is a physical examination required for health clearance?

The New York State Health Code (Title 10, Section 405.3) states the requirement for a physical examination and recorded medical history for all personnel including all employees, members of the medical staff, students, and volunteers, whose activities are such that a health impairment would pose a potential risk to patients. The examination shall be of sufficient scope to ensure that no person shall assume his/her duties unless he/she is free from a health impairment which is of potential risk to the patient or which might interfere with the performance of his/her duties, including the habituation or addiction to depressants, stimulants, narcotics, alcohol or other drugs or substances which may alter the individual's behavior.

What are the options for having the physical examination done?

The physical examination can be scheduled and performed at ESH if you are in Syracuse prior to May 30th. The deadline to submit completed documents is June 2nd. However, the physical examination can be performed elsewhere by your personal healthcare provider if you choose. All forms should be mailed, scanned and e-mailed or faxed to ESH by the document deadline date of June 2nd. The ESH Director carefully reviews all medical histories and physicals. Re-examination may be necessary if there are concerns about the findings or completeness.

What is required for documentation of immunity to rubella, rubeola, mumps, and varicella?

Proof of immunity is by antibody titers demonstrating an adequate level of protective immunity. Dates of vaccination are not acceptable (exception varicella). Titers may be done through ESH prior to May 30th or documentation of testing done elsewhere may be submitted. A copy of the lab report must be submitted for each titer.

Is hepatitis B vaccination required?

Hepatitis B vaccination is not required, but is highly recommended. Dates of vaccination and/or antibody titer are requested.

What forms must be completed?

  • Medical History and Report of Medical Examination
  • Resident Immunization Record
  • Allergy History Form
  • Resident Release of Information Form
  • OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire

Required forms are available Here through this office. Contact Employee/Student Health at 315-464-4260 if you need a packet sent by mail.

What is the process for tuberculosis screening?

All incoming residents will be required to have a tuberculin skin test (TST) placed by Employee/Student Health on campus prior to beginning employment if previous testing has been negative (non-reactive). Previous BCG administration does not negate the need for TST testing.

Can the tuberculosis skin test be done elsewhere?

No. However, if you are in the Syracuse area prior to orientation, you are encouraged to make an appointment with Employee/Student Health to complete a TST and N95 mask fit testing prior to orientation week. Otherwise, these will both be done during Resident Orientation on Wednesday, June 25, 2014.

Will QuantiFERON-TB Gold (interferon-gamma release assay) testing be accepted as an alternative to the tuberculin skin test?

No, not under usual circumstances. QFT is not used for routine TB surveillance at Upstate. A TST must be placed to establish a baseline for future testing.

What if tuberculin skin testing was positive in the past?

Proper documentation of the positive reaction is required (date, facility that administered the TST, and millimeters of induration). A chest x-ray report within 1 year prior to employment is required. If you have received INH treatment, please provide the start and completion dates of treatment.

What if health clearance is not completed?

Employee/Student Health will provide health clearance when all components of the health clearance process are completed, which allows Payroll Services to issue an Upstate ID card. New housestaff will not be allowed to begin employment on July 1st if the health clearance process has not been completed.