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Think Green Department Champions: Program Overview

It's easy to think green and we need department champions.

The Think Green Committee is looking for an employee in every department to help get the word out about all the great Green Initiatives at Upstate.

It takes very little time, but generates a lot of positive energy!

What You Need to Know about Being a Department Champion

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What is a Think Green Department Champion?

Think Green Department Champions are:

  • Designated individuals responsible for communicating about and advocating for environmentally and fiscally friendly practices at Upstate Medical University
  • Responsible for appropriately and adequately sharing related information within their department
  • The known go-to people for questions, suggestions, or concerns related to green matters. They bring the matters forth to the appropriate contacts for review and response.

Think Green Department Champions 2014

What does a Think Green Department Champion do?

Information will be supplied directly to the Think Green Department Champions by members of the Sustainability Communication and Awareness Committee or other subject matter experts as appropriate. Communication will be about new initiatives, helpful tips and techniques, noteworthy news, and suggestions for feedback.

Think Green Department Champions can communicate the information:

  • Electronically
  • During a staff meeting or department gathering
  • On a department bulletin board
  • Any other appropriate mechanism

Think Green Department Champions will be encouraged to participate in university-wide events, such as the Think Green Fair, and initiatives to promote institutional sustainability efforts.

Who can be a Department Champion?

Any member of Upstate Medical University possessing an interest in green and sustainable matters.

How much time is involved?

Minimal time is involved with being a Think Green Department Champion. Time commitment involves reading intermittent 'Think Green' communications, passing along the information to colleagues, bringing forth feedback from the department, and making a good faith effort to role-model, as appropriate, the sustainable efforts of the institution.

Why do we have Department Champions?

To help 'Sustain Upstate' by communicating and championing business decisions and practices that are financially and environmentally friendly.

To nominate your department representative, please email green@upstate.edu.
For additional information, please contact Renae Rokicki or Erin Crolick Peters.