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Donate Your Returnable Soda and Water Bottles

Donate your returnables

...Every Nickel Counts!

Returnable bottles poster

Before you toss that returnable soda or water bottle into any other bin on campus, look for specially marked receptacles featuring the 5-cent bottle sticker.

Upstate has placed more than 200 collection bins on the downtown campus for returnable plastic bottles. Every nickel benefits the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital and Baltimore Woods Nature Center.

You can help Upstate save money by reducing trash, and—while you’re at it—help us raise more than $5,000 to share between these programs.

E-mail green@upstate.edu for more information about the locations of the bottle collection bins or to have one placed in your area.

For information on how you, your department, your team, your class can become involved in Upstate's Think Green program, contact us at green@upstate.edu.

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