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Did You Know…

Every Nickel Counts!


…Before you toss that returnable soda or water bottle into any other bin on campus, look for specially marked receptacles featuring the 5-cent bottle sticker.

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Zipcars Now Available on Campus


…Upstate Medical University has launched a new partnership with Zipcar Inc., the world's leading car-sharing network, to offer a Zipcar program on campus.

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Upstate's Compost Efforts

apple peel earth graphic

…Upstate's compost efforts save two tons of waste from the landfill every month.

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Green Roof on the Cancer Center

…Upstate's first "green" roof is on its way. Much of the second floor level roof of the new Cancer Center will be a green roof. Green roofs have many advantages over conventional roofs such as:

  • They retain water which reduces the amount of storm water that goes into the City sewer system
  • They provide better insulation for the floors below it
  • They're nice to look at

Solar Energy Comes to Upstate

…Upstate's first solar array is installed in the IHP (Neuroscience Research Building). The system will heat 36% of the new addition's hot water. This system is expected to save about $12,000/year in natural gas.

In addition, a solar array will be installed on the roof of the CWB in early 2013. This is a 50KW system that will generate an annual savings in electricity of about $5000. While each of these new arrays are relatively small, they signify an important new phase in our energy conservation program.

Last Out, Lights Out

earth light bulb graphic

…turning off lights and other electronic equipment not in use can save Upstate up to 20% on energy costs?

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