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Upstate's Sustainability Vision and Principles


Upstate will become a leader within SUNY and our regional community. Sustainability will be an integral part of Upstate's culture and as such will be a guiding principal for both routine and strategic decisions going forward.

Upstate Medical University Sustainability Task Force


  • Operations will be aggressively managed to reduce Upstate's dependence upon fossil fuels and feedstock.
  • The energy and carbon footprint of facility construction, space utilization, and all aspects of staff commuting will be minimized.
  • Cradle to grave management of purchased supplies will consider energy, carbon footprint, and recycling equal with pricing.
  • All Upstate staff, students, patients, suppliers and vendors will be engaged in the sustainability effort.
  • Invest at least 10% of capital construction funding in energy conservation projects that demonstrate leadership or with an ROI <20 years.
  • Partner with SUNY and sister institutions to enhance creation of procurement of renewable carbon free energy.