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Upstate's Sustainability Goals

The Upstate Medical University Sustainability Task Force will lead the in the implementation of these goals:

  • To reduce energy use in buildings by 37% by 2010, as compared to 1989-90 on a Btu/SF basis. If the reduction target is not applicable/attainable then achieve an Energy Star Rating of 75 or better on all areas where reduction target is not applicable/attainable.
  • Cap greenhouse gas emissions at current levels and reduce emissions 20% by 2014.
  • Increase use of renewable electricity (total of purchased and on-site generated) to 305 of total consumption by 2014.
  • Increase use of bio-diesel to 10% of total motor fuel usage when available.
  • Increase use of bio heating oil to 10% of total #2 fuel oil usage when available.
  • Actively research the use of a combined heat and power (CHP) plant at or supporting Upstate.
  • Design new buildings and rehab existing buildings in accordance with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver rating or higher.
  • Procure energy and fuel at competitive prices while managing price risk in accordance with a prudent, clearly defined, and documented University risk management policy that utilizes financially sound market based products.
  • Convert vehicle fleet to alternate/hybrid fuels where operationally feasible through replacement purchases.