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Recycle These Items!

For more detailed information, see the Recycling Starts with You poster and the Recycling Matrix.



  • milk and juice cartons (remove straw first)
  • cereal, pasta and other food boxes (except frozen food boxes, which go into the trash)
  • pizza boxes (if not grease- or food-stained)


  • newspapers and inserts
  • journals
  • junk mail and envelopes
  • office paper
  • confidential paper
    • hospital: use dedicated confidential paper recycling bins
    • campus: shred and place in regular recycling bins


recycling symbols
  • flavored drink bottles
  • water and soda bottles (place in "Returns" slot, if available)
  • juice bottles

Glass and Metals

  • bottles
  • jars
  • foil (remove food traces)

Specialty Items*

  • cardboard
  • batteries
  • printer cartridges
  • cell phones
  • light bulbs
  • phone books
  • hardcover or paperback books

*For instructions on how to recycle these items, call one of these numbers according to your building:


  • Campus Environmental Services at 464-4230
    (Weiskotten, Silverman, Setnor, CAB, Jacobsen, Clark Tower)
  • Hospital Environmental Services at 464-6576
    (UH, GCH, ROC, Computer Warehouse Building, Gamma Knife, outpatient clinics)
  • Campus North Zone Physical Plant at 464-9976 or 464-9970
    (IHP, Sarah Loguen Center)