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Recycling FAQs

If you have any additional questions about recycling, please send us an email at green@upstate.edu

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Can I mix my paper, plastic and metal recyclables?

Yes, and glass also.

How can I be sure my recyclables aren't just being added to the trash somewhere else?

Upstate uses specially designated containers for recycling, as well as distinct green bags for collections from the recycling units. These measures ensure separation of recyclables from trash at the point of origin, and our haulers and OCRRA work diligently to maintain that separation.

For plastic items, which numbers on the containers mean it's OK to recycle them?

1, 2, and 5.

Say I buy a cup of yogurt in the cafeteria. After I'm done, do the cup, lid and plastic spoon all go in the same place?

No. The cup (#5) is recyclable; the rest goes into the trash.

How can I get a recycling bin for my workspace?

On campus, contact Dave Sikora at 464-4230 or sikorad@upstate.edu. In the hospital, request recycling containers from Environmental Services at 4-6576.

Can I mix cardboard in with my recyclables?

Small amounts of thin cardboard are OK. For larger amounts, or quantities of corrugated cardboard, call Environmental Services for guidance at 4-6576.

The pizza box leftover from our department meeting is greasy and has cheese stuck to it. Is that recyclable or trash?

Trash the greasy, food-covered part of the box. If the lid is free of grease or food, it can be recycled.

If I toss a nickel-returnable soda can or water bottle into the recycling, who gets the money?

Upstate designates a charity to benefit from the money collected from nickel returns. The first beneficiary is the Golisano Children's Hospital. Recommendations are always welcome.

Do I need a special recycling container for batteries?

Yes. Call Environmental Health and Safety at 4-5782.

Does Upstate keep track of how much we recycle as an institution?

Yes, we are required to do so under a governor's executive order.

I just cleaned my office. What do I do about the huge amount of recyclables and trash I want to get rid of?

In the Hospital, call Environmental Service at 4-6576. A temporary Recycling Toter can be provided. For Campus locations, call Environmental Service at 4-4230.

What do I recycle?

What other recycling initiatives are being considered?

Reusable Sharps collection containers.