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Think Green. Think Future.

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General Inquiries: green@upstate.edu
Sustainability Manager: Paul Corsi; corsip@upstate.edu

Our site is currently under construction. For information on current sustainability initiatives please see below:



  • 30% of UH waste stream is Recycled (paper, glass, plastic, metal)- saves approx. $600k yearly
  • Trash/Recyclable containers provided on UH campus
  • Recycling program for printer cartridges, cell phones, and returnable bottles
  • Prioritizing purchasing paper products made from post-consumer recycled material
  • Office supply and reuse program in place
  • Avoiding paper use by prioritizing digital tools
  • Installed filtered water stations
  • Partnered with Fill it Forward (https://www.fillitforward.com/) to contribute to clean water projects around the world and encourage reusable water bottle use at Upstate
  • Branded Re-useable cup and institute cafeteria discounts available for purchase
  • Compost food waste in dining areas through OCRRA (https://ocrra.org/)
  • Re-useable sharps containers (get up to 600 uses)- reduced needle sticks as well
  • Reduced blue wrap use in clinical operations
  • Reprocessing single use surgical devices including: EP Cables, Ultrasound Catheters, SCD Sleeve, Trocars, Tourniquet cuffs, Suture passers and Pulse Oximeters.
  • Recycling Styrofoam from labs



  • LED Replacement in 1000 fixtures
  • Electric metering individual buildings
  • All new construction is required to be LEED certified
  • Installing high efficiency electric motors when equipment is replaced or serviced
  • Replace incandescent lamps with CFB (compact fluorescent bulbs)
  • HVAC Variable speed drives and motor controls added where loads fluctuate
  • HVAC Chiller modifications (remote access control and variable speed drives)
  • Daylight controls to perimeter & stair lighting ($165k yearly savings when paired with LED lighting)
  • Developing Clean Energy Master Plan (CEMP) to assess potential for more efficient and less carbon intensive energy use



  • Environmental Justice and Sustainability Club for students
  • Sustainability messaging and information at new employee orientations and student orientations
  • Collaborating with SUNY ESF, Syracuse University, and Le Moyne College to achieve group sustainability goals
  • Practice Greenhealth member (https://practicegreenhealth.org/)


Environmental Health:

  • Certified Bee Campus USA Affiliate (More Info)
  • Two green roofs help to save water and manage energy costs
  • Community vegetable garden
  • Healing Garden
  • Green Cleaning- dry mops and prioritizing less harmful cleaning chemicals
  • No pesticides in gardens
  • Non chemical pest management