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1:00-1:15PM Andrew Brawner College of Graduate Studies
“Monitoring Experience-Dependent Neuronal Maturation during Postnatal Brain Development”

1:15-1:30PM Pearlene Augustin College of Health Professions
Is There a Disconnect Between Neurologic Physical Therapists’ Confidence in Screening for Sleep Disorders and Use of Standardized Sleep Assessment Tools?”

1:30-1:45PM Robert She College of Medicine
“Propensity Score Analysis of Oncologic Port Infection Risk vs Port Lumen Number”

1:45-2:00PM Break

2:00-2:15PM Michael Miller College of Graduate Studies
“HCMV Upregulates Protein Synthesis to Ensure the Survival of Infected Monocytes”

2:15-2:30PM Raymond Cecora College of Health Professions
“Clinical Evaluation of a Nonsequential Approach to Studying Operant Renewal”

2:30-2:45PM Cameron Bosinski College of Medicine
“The Study of Long QT Syndrome as a Channelopathy”

2:45-3:00PM Break

3:00-4:00PM Keynote Address

Erin Bromage, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology 
UMass Dartmouth