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Event Details

Virtual Student Research Day

As you may know, this year the Student Research Day will be held virtually. On April 7th, student talks as well as the keynote address will be held from 1:00 - 4:00pm on ZOOM followed by the Virtual Poster Session from 4:00-5:30PM on Remo, an interactive virtual platform. Please select 'Meeting Details' below to join!

Zoom and Remo links will be available the morning of April 7th. To access both meetings and the PDF abstract book, please select the "Meeting Details" button.

Meeting Details

Schedule of Events

1:00-1:15PM Andrew Brawner College of Graduate Studies
“Monitoring Experience-Dependent Neuronal Maturation during Postnatal Brain Development”

1:15-1:30PM Pearlene Augustin College of Health Professions
Is There a Disconnect Between Neurologic Physical Therapists’ Confidence in Screening for Sleep Disorders and Use of Standardized Sleep Assessment Tools?”

1:30-1:45PM Robert She College of Medicine
“Propensity Score Analysis of Oncologic Port Infection Risk vs Port Lumen Number”

1:45-2:00PM Break

2:00-2:15PM Michael Miller College of Graduate Studies
“HCMV Upregulates Protein Synthesis to Ensure the Survival of Infected Monocytes”

2:15-2:30PM Raymond Cecora College of Health Professions
“Clinical Evaluation of a Nonsequential Approach to Studying Operant Renewal”

2:30-2:45PM Cameron Bosinski College of Medicine
“The Study of Long QT Syndrome as a Channelopathy”

2:45-3:00PM Break

3:00-4:00PM Keynote
Erin Bromage, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
UMASS Dartmouth
"An Unusual Academic’s Life: Be ready for, and open to, Unexpected Opportunities" 

4:00-5:30 Poster Session - Remo

What is Remo?

Much like Zoom or WebEx, Remo allows users to video chat and share their screen simultaneously. Unlike Zoom or WebEx, it allows attendees to meet in smaller groups and allows users to navigate and move around more freely than other platforms. Remo resembles a virtual conference with several tables throughout each floor.

More Remo Tips and Information

Having Trouble Connecting to Remo?

Please visit the Remo Help Center: https://help.remo.co/en/support/solutions/63000148262 for troubleshooting suggestions.

It may also be helpful to use a desktop or laptop versus a cell phone or tablet. If you are having trouble using SUNY Upstate's wireless network, please try and connect to the "Guest" network.