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Student Registration

Important Dates

Deadline to Register: December 2, 2022
Payment is Due: January 6, 2023
Last Day to Add/Drop a Course without Fees: January 20, 2023

Students must be registered to maintain an "active student" status. Student registration generally happens twice each year: 

June – Course Registration for the Fall Semester

November – Course Registration for the Spring Semester

Registration Policies & Procedures

  • Students who do not register online in MyUpstate before the end of open enrollment will be required to pay a late fee.
  • To receive graduate credit for a course, you must formally enroll each semester.
  • Students can enroll online in MyUpstate using a unique Alt PIN Number during Registration. After Registration closes, students may enroll or make changes to their enrollment with an Add/Drop Form during Open Enrollment.
  • If you intend to audit a course, you must complete a Course Audit Form prior to the first day of class.
  • Changes to your course enrollment after open enrollment will incur a late fee.
  • A course cannot be added after 20% of the course has been completed.
  • A course dropped before one-third of the course, will not be recorded on your transcript. However, a course dropped after the one-third mark will be reflected on the transcript.
  • The decision to change the credit status of a course (from credit to audit or vice versa) must be made before 20% of the course is completed. This change is reflected on an Add/Drop Form and must be approved by the student’s advisor, course instructor, Program Director and the College of Graduate Studies.
  • To receive a tuition waiver, PhD students must be registered full time each semester. PhD students in their first year must be registered for nine (9) credits or more. PhD students in and beyond year two must be enrolled for 12 credits.

Registration Checklist (Returning Students Only)

  1. Check your account for holds: Log into MyUpstate > Select “Student Academic Information” tab at the top > Select “Student Academic Information” > Select “View Holds on Your Student Record.” If you have holds on your account, you must clear them with the appropriate office before you will be allowed to register – so check early!

  2. Run an online degree audit: Log into Degree Works and review your audit. Please make note of any outstanding requirements to be completed.

  3. Review the Course Selection Book, the Course Schedule for the upcoming term, and the Course Registration Page.

  4. Seek guidance from an advisor, as appropriate: In consultation with your academic advisor and/or program director, identify all outstanding requirements as well as what coursework you will be taking for the upcoming semester. Remember first year students must be registered for a minimum of 9 credits, while students in their second year (and beyond) must register for 12 credits. More senior students will likely have satisfied all requirements and only register for seminar and research, plus any desired electives.  

  5. Schedule a Registration Appointment with Jennifer Brennan to review online audit, discuss course enrollment, degree requirements, etc. Meetings should be no more than 10 minutes – these meetings serve as an informal check-in where we can review/update your record as needed, go over any questions you may have or just chat. Schedule an appointment by visiting the link here. Availability is limited, make sure you schedule early to avoid delays and late fees!

  6. Obtain your Alt PIN Number for Online Registration from your Program Director. Again, If you have outstanding tasks to be completed, you will have a hold on your account and will NOT be able to register (even with a valid Alt PIN number) until your hold has been cleared – be sure to allow time for clearing holds. Refer to the enclosed instructions for course enrollment (ADD LINK) are attached.

  7. Finally, enroll online in MyUpstate with your Alt PIN Number. Instructions for course enrollment are available here

Please Note: Please read above notes carefully, failure to complete any of the steps and deadlines outlined above in a timely manner can delay your tuition waiver and may result in late or additional fees.