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Graduate Studies Forms

Add/Drop Form
In order to make changes to your enrollment after registration, students must complete an Add/Drop Form. The Add/Drop Period for the College of Graduate Studies ends at the close of the second week of classes - or ten days into the semester. Students will be charged a late fee in the amount of $20.00 to add, drop, or withdraw from a course after the defined period has ended.

Advising Agreement

Agreements, outlining responsibilities of a faculty advisor and student, submitted to the chosen degree-granting program.

Advisory Committee Report Form (word)
The report is crucial for students and their principal investigators. The advisory meetings and this report provide an evaluation and assessment of each student’s progress and are important for documenting the achievement of the student. This form needs to be submitted within one week of the semi-annual meeting.

  • Biochemistry Program Advisory Committee Report Forms (Student/Advisor)

Binding Form
Submit electronically to College of Graduate Studies along with signed PDF of dissertation/thesis and Commencement Information Form. See Degree Conferral Checklist for more information.

Career Development Plan (CDP)

Career Development Plan (CDP), developed with the faculty advisor in the first year of the lab, is updated annually and shared with the Advisory Committee prior to one of the semi-annual meetings. Form submitted to degree-granting program.

Commencement Information Form

Degree Conferral Checklist

Degree Status Change Form

Dissertation Advisor & Program Declaration Form
Submit when dissertation advisor selected

Dissertation Examination Committee Appointment Form
Submit at least 2 weeks prior to the exam for approval by the Dean.

Laboratory Rotation Enrollment Form
Submit 1 week prior to the start of a rotation

Leave of Absence, Transfer, Withdrawal Form

Mistreatment Policy

Policy for the Written Dissertation/Thesis

Program Change Request Form

Qualifying Examination Committee Appointment Form
Submit 2 weeks prior to the exam for Dean's approval

Qualifying Examination Guidelines

Thesis Examination Committee Appointment Form
Submit at least 2 weeks prior to the exam for approval by the Dean.

Time of Limitation Extension Request Form
Requests for extension must be petitioned using this form.

Travel Funding Request Form
The College provides some travel awards of up to $500 to students presenting at scientific meetings. Please remember to submit all receipts along with this form as well as proof of presentation, poster or oral. 

University (Student) Policies